I would like to try disk binding

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you disk binding, and why I want to try it. I’m sorry this week’s post is going to be short. I just didn’t have anything prepared, and when I saw disk binding I thought, I’ll show the Craftalicious clan.

Before we begin, if you haven’t already, I suggest going to Sea Lemon on youtube, she has great videos for lost of bookbinding techniques and other cool things. I really, really love her channel.

You’re probably thinking, “what the heck is disk binding” Well, so did I. But, it’s really cool. You punch holes in your paper using this punch. and these black disks. Or these pink ones. Or these blue ones. Or these gold ones. I think the system is really cute, and you can make many books with them, (using one punch) but I think it’s a little bit expensive for what it is.

However, I’m sure this method will work because I have seen lots of planners that are made using the disk binding technique. I think I may purchase some rings and the puncher in the future, but for now, I will stick to a different method of bookbinding, that will show up in next week’s post.


Bullet Journal Manual

Hi, Everyone! I know it’s been so long since I wrote a blog post, but I think it paid off! I wrote an instructable for bullet journaling called The Bullet Journal Manual – a Complete Guide to Bullet Journaling.

My old bullet journal ran out, so I started a new one. I decided to go through the process of creating and maintaining a bullet journal. So that’s how I created my manual.

I have it readily available for you as a PDF, Microsoft Word Document, or a Google Doc. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps! I love bullet journaling, so I want to share my love with you!

I know I’m not a great techy, so the documents will be scratchy and a little bit unprofessional, but I did my best to provide you with a high-quality document to help you on your bullet journal journey.

Get the PDF version here, the Microsoft Word Document here, and the Google Doc here.

Enjoy! 🙂 XD


Giant Locker haul – must see!

OK, so, the other day I was browsing amazon and I found so many things, and you’ll see, these things are SO cool, you really need to buy these things!

Lockers are not only for school, they can also be used for work. You can keep a locker at work, or in your room even! And, if you decorate your locker, you will have more incentive to use it.

OK, let’s get right into the post. The first thing I found was washi tape. I have this friend, and both of us collect washi tape like crazy. We store them in little buckets and all our friends come to steal them. 😉 So, I found the best deal ever – 30 washi tapes for $11. Really, you can’t pass on this! The link is here.

The next thing I found was this. Really. Everything you need is in this set – for a super cheap price! You can find these here . Everything is of amazing value, and you seriously need to check them out.

The next thing is a wonderful plushie rug. You seriously need these. I mean, come on! A nice plushy rug to cover up the yucky locker floor. Find them here.

I love this wallpaper. It’s so cheap, and honestly – per. Find the wallpaper here.

Then, lastly, I found this locker chandelier. When you open the door, it has a sensor and it turns on. Do you see the genius here? POOF! Ok, maybe that was a bit too far… Anyways, you can find the magic here.

Enjoy! I hope you go out and buy every single thing on this list.


My desk + how to make one just like it

Hi, everyone! You may be wondering why I’m writing a post off schedule. Well, I’m sick and took a sick day. What better way to spend the day other than snuggled up in my desk wrapped in a blanket with a nice hot cup of tea blogging? By the way, please join my newsletter and visit my Craftalicious DIYs website with another copy of this blog! Find it here.

Today I’m going to be doing a detailed walkthrough of my desk and showing you everything that I keep there. Because my desk is where I spend most of my life, it’s very comfy and has everything I might need.

This post is going to be long, so get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. I just took my water out of the kettle. Oh! Question of the day, what’s your favorite kind of tea? I drink like 50 different types. I like lavender, green, chai, and English breakfast the most, though.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you that you can make your own. Well, the way this post will be formatted is a description of each item, what I use it for, and a link to it on Amazon. Lastly, I will tell the total for each section, and for everything. Without further ado, grab your tea/coffee and let’s be off!

To start off, my desk is just a regular brown desk. It has several drawers and a swiveling desk chair. I really like the color, it’s an excellent light brown color, very sturdy, and the chair is the same color with a floral print. Although I didn’t find the same desk, I have a similar desk here and the chair here. The total for both is $ 174.98. I think it’s worth it, I really do. If you’re looking for a good desk and chair, these guys are per.

Next, I’ll show you my organizers. I have a wooden desk organizer. I love it because it’s so easy to store things in it. You can find it here. I also have a magazine organizer I use to store loose papers, magazines, recipes, (my old 5th-grade “memoir” sits there as well XD ) The magazine holder is of excellent quality, find it here. Lastly, for my organizers, I have a pink mesh desk organizer. It looks just like this one but it’s pink, and the one with the link is black. It looks superb, I love this little guy. You’ll see; it’s very useful. The total for all three of those organizers is $63.96. It is pricey but really worth it.

This paragraph is a much-needed one. It includes “Accessories” like a coffee mug, a flannel robe (my lounge attire), and a cozy blanket.

This cozy blanket is the best. I don’t have the exact one, but a similar one in blue. I love mine, and I swear, you need this guy. Get him here. Next – get a beautiful robe. You’ll need this for snuggling as well as some cute slippers and lounge pants. This robe comes in a multitude of colors. Super soft and plushy – it’s to die for! Get these lounge pants here. There’s nothing better that lounging around in lounge pants, right? I LOVE slipper booties. Get the same ones I use here. You’ll love them. They keep my feet nice and cozy. There’s nothing better than tea and a blog, right? Get this cute Pusheen mug. The total for these is $120. This is a lot for lounge stuff, but hey. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

This next part is about my cups ‘n’ supplies! This is probably my fave part apart (get it!…no?…oh well.) from the lounge set. I love my supplies, so let’s roll!

I use two small mason jars and two regular mason jars to store my supplies. (to write) In the first mason jar, I store Stabilo pens. I use a 20 pack regular Stabilo to write in my journal/planner/calendar/bullet journal etc. These are the most common thing I use. I also use a 10 pack fat Stabilo set for other things. I really like them as well. Lastly, for the first mason jar, I use an erasable Stabilo pack.  The total for this section (including 1 mason jar) is $54.07.

In the second large mason jar, I store just these “Royal” brand colored pencils. The total for this (with mason jar) is $7.51.

In the first small mason jar, I have 5 pairs of scissors. Don’t worry, each one has its use. You’ll see. (I’m left handed) The first scissors are just regular scissors .(not left handed) Get them hereThese guys, however, are left handed. The next ones are right handed *sigh* sewing scissors. The last two are for when little kids need them. They are squiggly scissors and kid-safe scissors.  The total for this (with mason jar) is $58.70. Quite some for scissors, no?

In the second small mason jar, I hold a pack of pens. (say that 10 times fast! XD ) I use 5 blue and 5 black and 5 red in the jar. Get the red ones here, the blue ones here, and the black ones here. The total for this is $20.88.Image result for three hours later


The total for all of the cups ‘n’ supplies section is $137.84. Well, time to take a break. It’s been three hours since I started, and my tea’s gone. (It was cold for the last hour or so, but there wasn’t much left.) I’ll go brew some more tea, take a break, and tell you what tea I’ve made once I come back. By the way, it’s almost $500 now. We’re um… I’d say 3/4 done? No, less. Maybe 4/7 or so. I just realized I forgot to do my shelf with its belongings! Oh well.

Image result for 5 minutes laterI’m back. Did you miss me? Well, since you just had to read a paragraph I guess not. I’ve got myself some gray lady tea. Nice and aromatic, but not to over the top. Another question of the day: what kind of black tea do you like the most? Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Prince of Whales, lady gray, or earl gray? Does anyone know why the English used “gray” so much in their tea titles?

Anyways, now I’ll talk about my notebooks and papers, etc. Remember way back when (two hours ago for me) I spoke about my organizers? Now we’re doing what’s in two of them. (the wooden one, and the mesh one. Not the magazine holder. That’s not REALLY a desk organizer, but I put it there.)

In the wooden organizer, I put in a composition book. I use this as a back – up journal. I also use this bullet journal. You’ll need this guy. Now, THIS is something you NEED. I LOVE it, you will too. Just check it out! Really, you need it. I’m not even kidding. I have a journal as well. Not a backup journal, but a journal. Try this Moleskine. Remember your childhood days with the little lock diaries? Well, try one. I dare you. Get it here.  Or here. I also use these notecards. Try them here. I also use lined paper and graph paper. I also have sheet protectors. I use a Passion Planner (I’ve talked about it before) and a calendar. I use a lined Moleskine notebook and a graph Moleskine notebook. Well, that’s it for the wooden organizer. The total (prepare for this) is a whopping $202.92. This is even more than the desk and chair, or the lounge clothes!

Well, that’s it for the wooden organizer. The total (prepare for this) is a whopping $202.92. This is even more than the desk and chair, or the lounge clothes! The whopping total for everything is $700.39. You’d better love me for this. It’s taken about four hours for this post. Before I publish it’ll probably be 5 or 6…. I’ll take a lunch break and be back eventually… (with a new tea, haha!)

OK. Third tea of the day, Darjeeling. Nice and bright, not too strong, but nice and soft. Mild bitterness, not so much as English Breakfast. I had a cream cheese bagel sandwich. Good stuff.

I’m back for the second organizer. (after that I realized I forgot a pink shelf organizer that’s next to my desk. Woops.)

Anyways, here we go. I have several post it packs. All of them are grouped in this convenient pack. Get it here. It’s $17.99, expensive, but good. This is also looking good. These Sharpie highlighters are GREAT! Try ’em – you’ll love ’em! I also keep my Elmer’s school glue there as well. I keep a Chapstick in case I have dry lips, this 24 pack is great. Also this lip gloss. I keep a hole punch as well. The total is $55.10.

Oh! I almost forgot! A cork board and push pins. The price is $16.40. Not bad. But, we’re almost at $800. Only $29. 13 to go until we reach a whopping total of $800. Who knows, we might go over…

I use a stackable organizer. Since my room is both pink and blue, It’s pink, but no such option was online. So here’s the black one. I use this dictionary. I also use this thesaurus. As well. I have this briefcase. I fill it with stuff for work. The total is $71.88.

Image result for 5 hours laterFewf! It’s been SO long. I’ve spent 5 hours, and we’re 1,558 words into this thing. Only the four drawers to go. I bet the Amazon list will reach $1,000, and the words 2,500? Maybe? We’ll see.

Anyways, in my right drawer, I have my pencil case from What’s In My Pencil Case – Schoolerama. A pencil case & colored pencils. (another set I keep with my adult coloring book)

On top of my desk, I have put a 50 pack of pipsqueaks. Get them here. Finally, still left from my childhood, crayons. No matter how hard I try to get rid of them, kids always come around. *sigh.* The total is $25.92.

For some reason, all that I have in one drawer is a stack of folders and binders. I use them all for different things. But they always end up there. I love the color of these binders. So cool! And for folders, these guys look good. I LOVE these colors. Don’t you? The variety of colors of notebooks and binders and folders and pens and pretty much everything in the office or school supply sections in stores always takes me by surprise. The total is $23.96.

I’ll add the link to my cart later. I added some extra things that I don’t have but was looking around and found, and I really like them. (expect a school supply haul soon 🙂 )

I hope you’ve enjoyed, and I certainly DON’T hope you go out to buy everything! I’ve collected these items over several years. Also, things like paper and notebooks can be easily found at Walmart or Target, etc., but I did Amazon because I was too lazy to spend 15 hours making this have the links to Target, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, etc. I spent 6 hours. I think that’s enough!

In fact, there are so many things that Amazon won’t let me have them all in my cart! I’ll have to add the total plus the saved items… Or move everything to the saved items. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. OK, here we go.

Image result for 20 minutes later

At last! The total is 59 items, which means 59 links. Approximately 10 links + text an hour. You’d better be grateful for all this.

Image result for 1 hour laterI kind of got distracted trying to make a graphic for this blog that failed. So, the total is a little shorter than I thought it would be. Instead, it’s $959.19 – not $1,000. But it’s really close. I made a list that you can access. I bet will love me for this. Please note, the items on the list may not be the exact same ones like mine, most of them aren’t. But they are the most similar items I could find on Amazon. Here’s the list. List I hope you enjoyed the now 7 hours post. Image result for 7 hours later