Best of Craftalicious DIYs

Hi, everyone! We post every week, and of course, not all posts are created equal. In this page, I’m going to be showcasing some of our best work.

In the first place, My desk + how to make one just like it this post by far outstretched all my other ones. With so many links and useful information, this post had the most hits. This desk is as close to mine. I’m sure you’ll love this post.

In the second place, How to make slime that actually works! was a post talking about the only slime recipe that ever worked for me. This slime is fool proof. Even a cat could make it!

In the third place, Giant Locker haul – must see! gave a list of locker items that I purchased. I also talked about why the locker isn’t – and shouldn’t be – only a common school staple, and how you can make a locker work for you at home or at work.

In the fourth place, Bullet Journal Manual is a guide to helping you learn to bullet journal. With a document that you can open in Google Docs, as a PDF, or in Microsoft office word – this post combines my first blog posts and brings them up a step. This tells you everything about bullet journaling.

Lastly, in the fifth place, my very first post, How to start a bullet journal is another post about bullet journaling. It introduces you to the blog and talks about why you should start a bullet journal. While not as in depth as number four, this post will take you a long way still. This post was the one I recommended to people in my first several months. Why not give it a read?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my roundup of best posts (traffic wise) and I hope you give them all a read. This list will continue to change as more posts are made and more people come to read. Please share this with your friends and spread the love!

Asta la vista!