How to turn ANYTHING into a white/chalkboard

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to be teaching you how you can DIY any kind of notetaking board from ANYTHING. These DIYs are not only way cheaper than anything in a store, but some of these diys can be made from recycled materials you have at home. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can spend anywhere from no money, to about $20 to create your perfect board.

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Did you know you can turn anything into a chalkboard or whiteboard? Unfortunately, you can’t make a chalkboard from recycled materials like a whiteboard, but you can still transform almost anything into a chalkboard! All it takes is a little bit of chalkboard paint which comes in a variety of colors or whiteboard paint in white or clear. This can be purchased cheaply at any craft store.

Calendar board

Want to make a timetable from your chalkboard? You can also do this with a whiteboard as well. Take some washi tape and tape apart seven sections by five sections. Then, you can write in the month and days, and you won’t ever have to buy a calendar again! You’ll waste less paper.

To-Do list board

You can turn any board into a to-do list! Lots of people love to-do lists because it helps them organize. Make little squares out of washi tape on the left for the checkbox. Then, fill out your task in the remaining space. Try not to make your washi boxes too big. You can check off the squares when your job is finished, or you can erase it altogether.

School/office supplies

Ever feel like your school supplies are boring? Do you change the content of your binders often? I do. I hate it when I have written the title on a perfect notebook IN SHARPIE then I modify the content, and I can’t take it off! So, why not cover your school supplies such as binders and notebook in chalkboard or whiteboard paint to stop the problem? You can also doodle on the cover for a cool effect.

Chalk/white board a la cork

Do you wish you could have a board where you not only have a way to pin up papers and pictures, but you can also write on it? Well, presto! Now you do because you can cover any corkboard with chalkboard/whiteboard paint. You will be able to write and erase it like any chalkboard, and you will also be able to pin up things.

Magnetic board

You can make a small board magnetic by buying magnetic strips. Or, if you don’t have any, you could try magnetizing a piece of metal yourself. You can also glue large magnets to the back of the boards. This will allow the boards to sit in lockers if you have one. The boards come in handy in these places to jot down notes.

Recycled whiteboard

You can make a whiteboard out of recycled materials you already have at home! Take any sheet of thin and flexible transparent or tinted plastic and cut a piece of wood, paper, or cardboard a slightly smaller size. To make your board a different color, paint the material that isn’t the plastic the color you choose or chose a material that already is that color.

You can also take a sheet of paper in any color you choose on top of wood or cardboard to make your board instead of painting or using an already painted piece of material.

For example, if I want to make a pink whiteboard out of wood 18 inches by 24 inches, I need a piece of plastic 19 inches by 25 inches and a pink piece of wood 18 inches by 24 inches. But DON’T paint the plastic as the board will not work if you do so.

Stack the plastic and other material on top of each other. Now fold the plastic edges under the other material and glue them in place. Do this on all four sides.

Picture frame whiteboard

You can also make a whiteboard out of a picture frame! To do this simply take any picture frame and insert a cute design, such as scrapbook paper. You can download some cool patterns to print out in a colorful PDF with 30 cool designs to choose from! Download it free here.You can just write on the glass, and it will work.