Locker Love – awesome locker products

Hi, everyone! Remember my locker haul? Well, I only put the pink products there. So what I’m doing in this blog post is rounding up several colors to help to set up a locker. This locker can be created for school, to keep your personal belongings safe, or to keep at work.

Stores have lockers in all colors and sizes. You can get a mini locker like this one, or a three-tier locker, like this one, or a lock box “safe bank” like this one, or lastly, a regular locker, like this one. So naturally, the first step is to buy a locker.

Well, the fun part now is decorating it (and buying supplies, haha. merp) You have to choose a theme color, and buy everything in that color. You can even buy your lockers in your theme color. Mine is pink. Here are some you should get:

  • Locker light
  • Locker mirror
  • Locker shelf
  • Locker magnetic holder
  • Locker whiteboard
  • Magnets
  • Locker wallpaper
  • Washi tape
  • A small makeup bag/pencil case for necessities.

Now, for the next several paragraphs will be links for all the items in different colors. You can read the sections depending on your theme color.



So, in this paragraph, I’m going to be showing you the pink items you can buy. This pink locker is stunning and goes with this pink rug. A pink locker chandelier can be found here. This locker set has the rest of your necessities. Find it here. Lastly, this pink washi tape set and this pink wallpaper and these pink magnets will make your locker so bomb.



In this paragraph, I’ll be showing you the blue products you can buy for your locker. This locker set and this blue locker match correctly. These locker magnets and this blue wallpaper will look awesome. You can find your blue chandelier and your blue locker rug here. This washi tape is so cute.



This purple locker and this wallpaper look so stunning together. I’m sure they’d look even better with this gold chandelier as there is no purple chandelier. This locker rug is so cute. Love the color. This purple washi tape and this purple locker set.


White and black

For this, please choose either the white of the black options, but some will be both black and white. This white locker and this white locker rug are so hot together. The white chandelier is great. This gold and white locker set covers almost everything else, including the wallpaper. I love it. This white and black washi tape set is excellent. This black locker is awesome with this black locker set look great. This black and white wallpaper and this black locker chandelier look like they were made to be put together.
Well, that was fun. (and tiring.) Setting up a locker after this is really easy. The locker wallpaper can just be stuck one, and since everything else is magnetic, creating my own pink locker (love it!) took five minutes. I hope you enjoy! Also, please comment what color you chose and why.