10 things you value in a friendship

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about 10 things I value in my friendships. Before I begin, I want to shout out to one of my closest friends who’s been reading my blog since it’s young days. She’s the friend you want to have. She makes me laugh and doesn’t care to loan me money. She spends lots of time with me and makes me feel loved.

I know she’s out there reading my blog right now, (you know who you are, fellow washi tape collector!) and I just want to say thank you. I’m devoting this blog to 10 things I notice and value from you and my other friends too.

So without further ado, into the blog, we go!

  1. If you look bad, she makes herself look bad with you. What I mean here is that whenever I do something ridiculous or stupid, she goes along with it and we make a huge joke out of it together.
  2. She knows how to make you laugh. Your friends know you in and out and know what will make you laugh, and how to do it. She wants you to have fun, and will do a good job making sure that happens.
  3. She will loan you money without caring if you give it back. Now I honestly can’t count how many drinks and desserts my friend’s bought me, but I know she never hesitates. A real friend will never hesitate to lend you money even if she doubts you’ll pay it back. I often do by buying her food in return, but not always and vice versa.
  4. She listens to you ranting about your hobbies and makes them seem really important even if they aren’t hobbies she personally likes, and may even try them herself. Your friend wants to know about you. She likes to know how you’re doing and what you do in your spare time.
  5. If you’re sad, she’ll do anything to make you happy again. She will make you laugh, buy you a drink, or even go with you to fix the problem. She will do ANYTHING to make it right for you.
  6. She will defend you from anyone. (example) Broke up? She will be right there and tell you how stupid your ex was for dumping you. They will make sure your ex gets payback.
  7. She will love your brilliantly stupid ideas. Magnetic calculator? Locker rug? Handsfree backpack? They will love your ideas and think they’re brilliant.
  8. She will be thankful for all you do. Even if you think you’re being a really selfish friend at the moment, she will assure you that you’re not, and be grateful for the tiniest gifts or jokes. She’s grateful for having you in her life and can’t imagine the world without you.
  9. She will reassure you that you are talented, loved, helpful, kind and the world would be bad without you.
  10. She will be your cheerleader. Your friend will go to your various events, and be your cheerleader. She will love all you do and be happy for you no matter what.

Well, I hoped you liked it, comment down below how many of these qualities you have!


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