Giant Locker haul – must see!

OK, so, the other day I was browsing amazon and I found so many things, and you’ll see, these things are SO cool, you really need to buy these things!

Lockers are not only for school, they can also be used for work. You can keep a locker at work, or in your room even! And, if you decorate your locker, you will have more incentive to use it.

OK, let’s get right into the post. The first thing I found was washi tape. I have this friend, and both of us collect washi tape like crazy. We store them in little buckets and all our friends come to steal them. 😉 So, I found the best deal ever – 30 washi tapes for $11. Really, you can’t pass on this! The link is here.

The next thing I found was this. Really. Everything you need is in this set – for a super cheap price! You can find these here . Everything is of amazing value, and you seriously need to check them out.

The next thing is a wonderful plushie rug. You seriously need these. I mean, come on! A nice plushy rug to cover up the yucky locker floor. Find them here.

I love this wallpaper. It’s so cheap, and honestly – per. Find the wallpaper here.

Then, lastly, I found this locker chandelier. When you open the door, it has a sensor and it turns on. Do you see the genius here? POOF! Ok, maybe that was a bit too far… Anyways, you can find the magic here.

Enjoy! I hope you go out and buy every single thing on this list.


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