How to make slime that actually works!

I’m sure you’ve seen this. Slime, Diy, Orbeez, Putty, Water Beads Or this.

OK, when I see something viral (or anything, actually) that I love and really want to try, I have the tendency to well, take it too far before I give up. I am one stubborn potato. Anyways, after millions of tries many attempts, I finally found one recipe that came from like 20 recipes that, what do you know, it worked!

So, if you want a nice stretchy and rippable  super fluffy and crunchie slime, this post is right for you!

First, let’s talk about my slime fails. Yeah. The struggle is real. It really is. If you get this, comment, the struggle is real!

I started with your usual glue-in-laundry detergent plan and ended up with liquidy soap-glue. Epic fail. Then I tried shampoo-in-freezer, and that was worse. Totally sticky and un-slimy. I tried glue-with-water and ended up with nothing more that a slightly more liquified glue. I tried glue-and-baking-soda-in-water-with-eye-drops and ended up with an almost slime. But it didn’t stretch. It ripped. I tried glue and eye drops and ended up with slime-ish goop that was too sticky, and I tried to add baking soda and ended up with a hard blobby slime hardened in like, 5 minutes.

You’re probably thinking, “what is this recipe that even the slime-a-fail-ick can make?” Well, here goes.

  • 1 cup PVA glue
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  •  1/2 tablespoon laundry detergent
  • 1 tablespoon shaving cream
  • anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons slime activator (I used contact lens solution.)
  • something to mix with
  • food coloring/acrylic paint
  • something to mix in
  1. Gather your materials. Duh, I guess! XD
  2. Pour PVA glue in the container.
  3. Mix in shaving cream. It shouldn’t get too fluffy. Only just enough.
  4. Add laundry detergent. This is going to make it stretchy and nice. (trust me on this one)
  5. Add your baking soda, but don’t stir yet.
  6. Mix in your slime activator and food coloring and enjoy your slime!

To store, put your slime in the container and add a little water below, and on top. Not too much. Some drops should do it. While the water’s there, it won’t dry out. But don’t ever store your slime without water or leave it out more than 5 minutes. It WILL dry out. Also, keep away from small children as this is anything BUT edible. You can also find an edible recipe on the web if you want child proof slime. Also, don’t add anything else. I added lotion to make it stretchy, and it made my slime bad. 😦

Well, that’s about it this week! Tell me in the comments if you made it and how it worked. Question of the week: do you celebrate Valentine’s day, and if you do, who do you share it with! I share it with my family and friends, we give each other small gifts, etc., and I also give my friends gifts as well.


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