10 Last Minute Valentine’s day gifts

Today I’m going to be covering some last minute gifts that people actually want! There are so many gifts and ideas, and really, Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be a couples holiday! Anyone can celebrate. Now, I’m not really a huge Valentine’s day person, but it’s always fun to give and receive gifts and besides, the candy goes on sale! YAY! XD

Painting Fingernails, Nail Polish

  1. The manicure. Who doesn’t love a good mani? So just make a spa set. You probably have these things around anyway. To make this kit, get either a big bag or a slipper. (I think that sticking things in some slipper booties would be perfect!) Then, take some red nail polish (Valentine’s day? HELLO?!) and a nail file. You can also get some more nail polishes and nail polish removers and just stick them in. For the fun of it, you can even stick in some face masks/scrubs, but those are better for the next idea.
  2. For this idea, you can make an easy sugar scrub with the sugar scrub post in my blog. I did publish it, right? Well, you can take some cute small mason jars and add a scrub, and some hand lotion. An excuse to make a scrub? Yes, please! You can whip lots of it up and give it to many friends.Tee, Glass, Tea Infuser, Tea Mix
  3. The tea bonanza. Just the thought of that delightfully warm and aromatic beverage makes me giddy with excitement. A tea lover like me would go crazy. To make this, get a gift box. Nothing fancy, just a gift box. Then, buy many different kinds of tea. Using two or three, maybe five of each kind of tea, and put them in a container. Voila. Christmas for the tea lover. You can either keep the rest of the teas or make many of the same with the remaining tea.Smartphone, White, Silver, Gray, Android
  4. The matching heart phone cases. The sight of one of these nifty devices can get some people crazy. So make some matching cases! To make these, get a regular case. Just any random case, but, it should be clear and have no designs. Then, mod podge the inside and stick some glitter and a half heart in one, and the other half of the heart with glitter in the other. Voila! Matching cases!Fruit Jelly, Candy, Sweet, Heart
    1. The candy mason jar. Classic.  Just get lots of candy and stuff them in jars. Little Plant, Succulent, Table Plant
  5. The plant with a nice message. Just get a plant in a vase, like this one here, and paint it. Use a sharpie to write or draw on it. It’s easy, cheap, and customized!Coffee Mugs, T, Brown, Drink, Cup
  6. Customized china. Perfect. Get some nice mugs and again, write on them with Sharpie! Quotes like you mocha me happy, or, I latte you a lot, etc. are really cute!Feet with heart
  7. A custom heart pillow. Everyone loves hearts, right? Well, so do we! Just make two cloth hearts, and hot glue them together leaving an opening. Flip the pillow inside out and stuff it with pillow fluff. Then, glue the opening closed.Dessert, Food, Fruits, Glass, Mason Jar
  8. The brownie-in-a-mug kit. Who doesn’t love brownies? Search for a nice brownie recipe online, and put all the ingredients + the recipe in the mug (without eggs of course!) and give it to the baking lover. Perfect!
  9. Box of bills. For little kids, money is the best! Take a box of chocolates and put the chocolates in a mug to give them to someone else. Then, roll up some $1 bills and put them in the box of chocolates. Any kid will be delighted!
  10. Gift card. As far as last minute gifts, there’s nothing easier than to go to the store and pick up a gift card. No wrapping, no choosing, no hustle! Just pick up any gift card that you’d love! Or order something to be delivered to their door. You can also pay for their Spotify account for a month or something like that. No going to the store! Perfect for my lazy friends!

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