Disappointed in the store “Claire’s”

I’m sure you’ve seen this logo before.

Image result for claire'sAs a young girl, my favorite store was probably Claire’s. I mean, who doesn’t love Claire’s? They have things everyone would want. Even teens! I mean, from nail polish to fake nails to makeup, it’s a world of possibility.

However, after going back once years later, I’m not sure I want to go back again. The quality has definitely declined, I mean seriously.

So, along with many other things, I bought this water bottle, isn’t it the cutest thing ever? Well, you won’t believe me if I say it broke in four days. Four days! Crazy.

Image result for pusheen water bottle

You’re probably wondering why it broke, right? Well, I sat it down on a table. It just happened to be that because the plastic was so light (it didn’t have much water), it fell on its side and shattered over my computer, spilling water. Luckily, it was closed and in a case, because if it wasn’t; disaster!

I think it’s silly that it would fall on its own. Water bottles are supposed to be sturdy, even when empty. They are also expected to be crack resistant, especially when labeled “sports water bottle.”

Now, I have some cheap-o plastic bottles that have lasted forever. I’d never thought of buying an expensive bottle, but stocking up on cheap ones. Let’s see, dollar store, Walmart. Big surprise. However, ironically, the cheap-o bottles lasted at least 5 more years than Claire’s $12 bottle. I really expected quality in a bottle so expensive. I expected at LEAST 5 years. Here are some cheap Dollar Store bottles which I do in fact, love.Image result for dollar store water bottles

Maybe had it been only me, I wouldn’t have minded. But no, a friend of mine got this bottle, and it broke within a day. HA! I guess I did pretty well then, didn’t I? I wrote a 1-star review on Claire’s.Image result for claire's water bottles

Of course, this may all sound stupid, but this wasn’t my first disappointment. Not only is customer service terrible, but they also LIE. Now, I let the first thing slide, about the customer service, but now with the bottle incident, I really won’t go back.

This incident happened, oh boy, years ago, I was… 9? I was probably their number 1 customer, and we were shopping online because… I don’t remember why. Anyways, we were shopping online, and there was a promotion that gave you 50% off with the words “Welcome20.”

We inserted the code multiple times, seeing how it would work. Welcome2o, WELCOME20, welcome20, welcome 20, Welcome 20, WELCOME 20, and did it work? No. We called the customer service after an angry email accusing the store of falsely sending promotions to people, and they said they’d send us a gift card for the amount we were going to get off.

So, we shut up about it for a while, but it took forever for the gift card to come, and when it did, it looked something like these, right? A standard gift card.

Image result for claire's gift card

We went to redeem it, my mom and I, and when we got there, HA! There was no money on the card! They did only half of what they promised. Sure, they sent us a gift card, but with no money when there was supposed to be money!

I let it slide for a while, and now, years later was disappointed again. Man, they didn’t do very well for themselves because not only did they loose a very valuable customer, but now it’s public, and you can know too.

Now that I’m done ranting let me just say that I don’t trust claire’s anymore, online OR in-store, due to not only bad customer service but also due to bad quality and high prices for cheap things. Please do yourself a favor and stop stopping by claire’s because you might get disappointed.


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