Plan with me: February

Hi, everyone! I haven’t written in a while now, but I’ve come back today. I’m going to be talking about my goals for the month of February and talking about new things I’ve learned in January. I spent almost the whole month away from my blog, and I decided to make a comeback. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

I decided to do an almost tech free month, and I loved it. (I totally recommend unplugging, as it gets your creative juices flowing.) So, from my unplugging almost-month, I learned a great deal that I can be sharing with you, and I hope to go to an “a post a week schedule.”

To start off, I decided to try journaling and diary keeping. I bought one of those diaries with locks that you probably remember from being a little kid. I am also getting a Moleskine to use as a journal. (or similar to a Moleskine)

So, what is it that I learned? Well, I found out that writing relieves stress. Writing about what happened to you helps you get it out. So, try it, please. Writing is also a great way to evaluate your life and self-assess.

So, I plan to be writing lots of posts talking about the things that I learned about writing and journaling in future posts.

I made a list of goals for February. I want to focus on extending my writing area this month, and that includes supplies. I also want to improve my dietary health as well as my mindset. I may be sharing some of the things that I write in my journal because I love using it to record things I’ve learned.

Well, this was a short post, but it explained my absence and will allow me to preview what I’m going to be talking about in the short month of February. XD


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