My challenge to you: an unplugging week

Lots of people are glued online all day, am I right? Well, my challenge to you is to try an unplugging week. (I did a month.) If you try this, comment below: # unplugged.

You may be thinking “What does she mean?” Well, an unplugging week is a week where you only do the necessary online. Of course, if your job is online, this can be hard, but possible.

I decided to challenge you to try this because I tried it and had amazing results. I’m going to be sharing them with you this February. (that’s why I’ve been away all January) I’m trying to go back to a one post weekly schedule.

Anyways, enough rambling around. Time to jump into instructions! To try this challenge, you may not use social media for two hours before bedtime, and only a half hour throughout the day. (that includes blogging) You can’t use youtube, but only things limited to work, etc. You must store your phone and technology in an area where you won’t use it except in your small period of time when you can.

Here’s where the magic happens. You are more creative when you are bored. Really. Because, when you’re bored, you have to find things to do to entertain yourself. Nowadays with so much tech, people aren’t as creative anymore.

But when you are tech free, you are very creative. I learned a ton about myself and others and even came back with so many more ideas for blogging! I’m not even kidding. I got 15.


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