New Years

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited that it’s finally 2017! I have my goals, check them out here. I am so excited to whip these big boys into place. You can help yourself organize along with me by starting a bullet journal or a planner. To find out which one is right for you, read Differences between a planner and a bullet journal.  This is awesome stuff.

I also decided to start a gratitude journal, in my bullet journal. To learn how to make one, go here. Also, if you want to see a goldmine of inspiration for 2017, go here.

A new year brings new deals, right? Well, I might be hosting a giveaway! If you want to know more about it, please go here.

I stayed up late on new years eve. Where I live we can easily see all the fireworks everywhere in the city, suburbs, downtown, etc. I went outside on my balcony to take some videos. Suddenly, I was seeing some fireworks exploding right overhead. Upstairs, our upstairs neighbors were launching fireworks! All this gun powder was dropping down, so I decided to go in. It was so cool, but also dangerous and ear-splittingly loud as well.

I mean, they weren’t your measly little firecrackers. The people upstairs were shooting monster fireworks! Right upstairs too! I was thrilled, honestly.


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