How I dealt with Failure

OK, so maybe this isn’t a TERRIBLE failure, or a bad grade, but just a disappointment. But I’m still going to share what I learned from it.

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I bet you’ve all heard the about the slime. It’s a spreading sickness. It’s all over the web. There are literally millions of hits for slime. Everyone makes these cool things. I bet Elmer’s has made a killing off of its school glue.

I was infected with the terrible slime sickness. I tried so many recipes, that all failed. I spent hours trying to make slime. I tried soap, shampoo, shampoo and soap, all of them put in the freezer and then fridge, glue and laundry detergent, I was ready to give up. But I didn’t.

Days later, I tried a glue slime with eye drops. That was the closest to slime I’d ever gone, but it stuck terribly to my fingers. That was close. Today, I tried a

Today, I tried a slime with eye drops and baking soda. The slime immediately hardened into moldable slime. It made super fun crunchy noises. But, it didn’t stretch. After about five minutes, it was harder than a rock.

That’s when I realized, you know, not all things in life work out. I may be a total loser as far as slime goes, but I am way more successful in other things. It’s not something to get worked up about, do you know what I mean?


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