10 mason jar ideas

Hi, Craftalicious Clan! Today we’re going to be decorating some plain old mason jars and finding cool ways to reuse them! XD

I ❤ mason jars. I keep tons of jars. In fact, I even make my family eat pickles to get the jars. XD So, naturally, there’s the question of what to do with them, right? Well, today I’m going to be giving you some ideas for cool ways to use the jars in your everyday life from room decor to storing stuff in the bathroom, to toys for kids, these are sure to please.

Let’s discuss the best method to make an acrylic painted mason jar. Just squirt out a glob in the bottom, and turn the mason jar at an angle. Swivel the paint around. Then, put the jar upside down for it to finish painting itself. No more trying to get the brush all around everywhere. No more getting your hands all paintifull and gloppy and gloopy.

I don’t know if you’ve seen that transparent paint that makes anything look like stained glass… Check that out here. Just use the acrylic paint method to paint the inside, and voila!

Spray paint the outside of a mason jar in any color, then spray paint it over with chalkboard paint. Nothing more to say about that, hehe! Just get some chalk and start writing!

To make a soap dispenser jar, drill a hole through the lid. Then, stick an actual soap dispenser lid through the hole. You can also paint the inside, or do any of the methods that decorate the jars,


To make a glitter jar, mod podge the inside of a jar. Start dispensing glitter all over the inside.Screw on the lid and shake that jar like a maraca! (I guess that’s just the latin American in me haha! 🙂 )

I came up with this one, one day when I was really bored. You’ll need some tape and several colors of acrylic paint. Just tape all over the jay in random designs. Then, fill in the areas that aren’t covered in tape with paint. Wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. You should have a crazy effect!

Want to reuse some cool scrapbook paper? This scrapbook paper mason jar is a cool way to do so! Start my mod podging the entire inside of the jar. You can use the acrylic jar technique, or just paint it all in. Then, insert your scrapbook paper inside and make it stick to the mod podge. Mod podge the inside on top of the paper to make it water proof.

To make this stationary/school supply holder tower, stand up 6 jars. You can decorate them or leave them be. On the table make a design that looks like this:


o o

o o o

Then, take a hot glue gun and glue them together. Fill them up with your stationary, and you’re good to go!

A cool idea I’ve come across many times is a slime holder jar. Just make any slime. Slime Masters, the youtube channel would work nicely. Check them out here. Make the slime, then stick it inside the jar. The jar will look really cool. (especially if you make a glitter slime!)

This DIY is beauty product holder jar. This Saturday with my first blog post in the series beautify with DIYs, I’m going to be making a sugar scrub. You can put it in here. Really, all this is is a jar with beauty products displayed in here. You can also use the chalkboard paint on the top half so you can write what’s inside.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and have found ney ways to use your mason jar! 🙂

Happy Wednesday! XD


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