Reviewing Jessica Smith TV

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the exercise program called Jessica Smith TV. Please go check her out here. Disclaimer: this blog post isn’t sponsored by Jessica Smith TV. I haven’t been paid to make this post, I only want to review her program because I want to help people find the right exercise program for you.

To start off, I’ll talk about my personal story and why I decided to try Jessica Smith. I had never been very talented in physical activity – I was the brain instead. I could never do push ups, and could only do a cartwheel and a handstand. I had this friend who was splendid at gymnastics, and all my friends were too. I just never fitted in there. I hated sports. I hated PE. I guess it’s because I had bad experiences with my teachers because I wasn’t talented enough, and because it was all about sports. I suppose that’s why I like Jessica Smith so much – there isn’t any torture, sorry; sports.

Apart from the fact that I hated torture, sorry; sports, another thing I ❤ about Jessica Smith TV are comfort levels she establishes with the person exercising. It feels good to know she also works out at home without tons of equipment, and she answers user questions in Q and A Wednesday. She always tells us to listen to our bodies, something my torturer sorry; PE teacher never did. 🙂

Jessica Smith TV allows the user to upgrade or downgrade to their liking. I am so thrilled that she lets us do this. Jessica tells us “you can stay here, or do ___ to bump it up a little.”

Jessica offers many different categories of exercise videos to try like cardio, yoga, and knee and back friendly workouts. I’m also glad she embraces the fact that many different types of people will be out there working out, so she makes workout videos that are user-friendly for everyone. Even my mom works out with Jessica Smith TV!

I am delighted, not to mention touched to see Peanut appearing from time to time in her videos. I love it. In case you didn’t know, peanut is her adorable French Bulldog. Ironically, Frenchies are my fave. breed of dog. One of my friends has one – I go crazy berzerk over him! 😛 😉 I am so glad to see the close relationship she has with Peanut, and the big heart Jessica has. She motivates me to work out with her optimism.

In conclusion, if you want a workout program to fit your needs and inspire you to love your body, please go check Jessica Smith TV out, because she’s the one exercise program I’m loyal to!


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