How to start a gratitude journal

Hello, Craftalicious clan! One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to try to change the way I see the world. My outlook is a pessimistic outlook, so I’m going to try to change that. Please check out my new year’s resolution blog if you want to know more. My new year’s resolutions

Anyways, let’s get started! Before we begin, I’ll tell you the basics of why you should start a gratitude journal, and when you should write in it, as not all times are right for everyone.

Here are the bare bone basics of a gratitude journal. Being grateful is actually known to have lots of health benefits, such as reducing stress. There are a couple ways to write in a journal, and there are several times when you can write in them. So, which time suits you?

When should you write in your journal daily? If you are a more dedicated person, who has time on their hands, this would be perfect for you! This is also for people who really have a pessimistic outlook mindset because it allows you to start looking on the bright side to change your perspective mindset. I like to think of it as a mindset more than anything else.

When should you write in your journal every other day? If you have a decent amount of time sometimes, this works great. People that are in school still, should do this. Also, if you aren’t super pessimistic, but are still way more on the cynical side, try this out.

When should you write in your journal weekly? I think this works best for people with a more busy schedule or people that aren’t too pessimistic or are in between. I believe that if you have a semi busy schedule, try this out, then adjust to using the journal less, or more if you need it.

When should you write in your journal monthly? If you are semi-optimistic, it’s a good idea to write in your journal anyways so that you don’t start becoming pessimistic. Also, if you REALLY have the busiest schedule ever, try this.

Now, how should you write in your journal? There are two ways. One way is to write only the things you are grateful for, and the other is to write the things you are thankful for and why.

When should you write only what you’re grateful for in your journal? People that write every day or every other day should do this because you see all the things you’re grateful for all the time. I do suggest writing why you’re grateful for some of the things occasionally, weekly or monthly for example. Also, you would get tired of writing so much all the time quite quickly, and it would be less efficient.

When should you write what you’re grateful for and why? Writing what you’re grateful for and why is ideal for people that write less often because it’s like a reflection. I suggest using this method once a month if you’re writing daily or every other day, or all the time if you’re writing weekly or monthly.

Now that we’ve had the walkthrough uh, more like lesson…let’s start figuring out how to start our journal, shall we? Ok. Let’s go!

Choose a plain notebook. You should design a key in it. Put this preferably on the first page. Then, create your key. Choose colors for each subject in your life. E.g., green for family, red for possessions, purple for people, etc.

Now, you’re going to make a table of contents. I’d choose using about 4-6 pages for this if you write every day, 3-5 pages if you write every other day, 2-4 pages if you write weekly, or 1-2 pages if you write monthly. Every time you write, put the day that you’re writing in the table of contents, and use a sticky flag to mark your day.

Now for the actual writing, start by writing the date on the page and in the table of contents. If you write daily, write 2-4 things on the page. If you write every other day, write 3-5 things on the page. If you write weekly, write 4-6 things on the page. If you write monthly, write 5-10 things on the page.

Remember to use your color (or symbol, you can make a symbol code to) when you write and keep trying! Tell me in the comments if you are going to do this.


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