How to start a planner

Hi, everyone! If you don’t know, already I love studyign on youtube. You should go check her channel out. Well, anyways, I decided to do a how to start a planner blog because I know studyign does a ton of videos focused on this kind of topic and I like to take my own spin on her ideas and grow from them.

Please check out my other blog post Differences between a planner and a bullet journal to find out if a planner is right for you, or if you should try a bullet journal. Also, check out my other post How to start a bullet journal if you want to try one as well.

Today the idea we’ll be growing on is a planner. If you don’t already know me well enough from my other blog post how to start a bullet journal I love to organize my life. Especially because it’s almost new year and the perfect timing for a new fresh start.


The first step is getting a planner. The next several paragraphs will be about the pros and cons of different planners and my perspective and personal fave. If you already have a planner skip the next several paragraphs.

The Passion Planner is my personal fave. You can get a standard sized planner at $35 or a pocket-sized at $25. This planner is focused around productivity and each week has an inspirational quote and monthly, yearly and weekly spreads as well as an end of the month, semester, and year reflections. This planner is awesome because it’s really inspiring and uplifting. I think everyone should have a copy of this. But there are other cheaper methods to get your hands on a planner.

The next several ways are to DIY your own planner. You can choose a method. You can try the notebook method where you draw everything in yourself or find some nice printables online. Check out my blog How to make a planner at home to learn more about at home planner making.

The next step is to customize. You can insert events in your planner in the monthly and yearly spreads. Add some washi tape or stickers to decorate the planner. Every day write down things you need to do as tasks. You can use the bullet journaling code in your bullet planner. Check out my blog post How to start a bullet journal  for more info on bullet journaling.

Now all you need to do is be persistent and constantly try your best to fill out your planner. Have fun organizing your life!




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