How to organize your life this new year

Hello, everyone! I am personally a fan of organization, diys, journaling, and planning in general. I think they’re a great shortcut to productivity. I am also a fan of engaging in a positive mindset. Productivity should be an important part of your life. If you want to know more about some of the tips I am going to show you, please subscribe to studyign. She has a fantastic youtube channel, so go check it out.

Anyways, for tip number one, invest in several ways to improve the organization in your life. Two tips for this that I am personally very fond of are bullet journaling and using a planner. Check out the 2017 Passion Planner, for $35, it’s worth it. Check out my how to start a planner and how to start a bullet journal to learn more, or visit studyign’s youtube channel. Other related youtubers include Study With Jess, tbhstudying, and ohnotes.

My tip number two is to really plan out your new year’s resolutions and get motivated. Actually try to change your life and make it better following the instructions in the Passion Planner or other planners. Try to make sure your goal is attainable. If you can’t imagine anyone else achieving your goal it’s probably not attainable, sorry.

My last tip is to do a 2016 reflection. Find some prompts to reflect on your last year. Here are some you can try:

From 1 – 1o how to you feel about this year?

What were the biggest lessons you learned this year? How can you incorporate these into your life?

How are you different this year? Are you happy with that change? If not, how can you improve?

Name 5 things you can improve next year. How can you go about achieving them?

My last tip is to relax. Try to forget about all the bad things that happened in the past year, 2017 is a new blank canvas!


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