How to make a planner at home

In my other blog post how to start a planner I talked about getting the perfect planner. You can pay $35 or $25 for a Passion Planner ( I love my Passion Planner) or you can DIY your own for the price of either paper and glue, a hole puncher and paper, paper and washi tape, a binder, a hole puncher, and paper, or an already existing notebook. Choose a method to get started!

For all the methods except the notebook method, you will need some free planner printables. The good thing about this is that it isn’t an already assembled planner, but a bunch of printables for you to choose from.

The first method is the paper and glue method. You need to print out your printables and stack them together. What you’ll do is practically bookbinding. Just take a paintbrush and brush the entire side of the papers with glue. Wait until it dries and try again. You can do this up to 10 times. I think four times works best.

The second method is the hole puncher and paper method. Just take the printables and punch holes on the side. Thread threads through the holes to create the notebook. This can be very messy, beware. You will end up with tiny paper circles everywhere.

The third method is the paper and washi tape method. You might want to ask a friend to help you with this one. Take your printables and ask your friend to hold them up. Stick the edge of the washi tape on the top of the paper stack facing down. Pull the tape down to the bottom. Cut the tape at the end and fold it down on both sides.

The fourth method is the binder, hole puncher, and paper method. Punch a hole in each one of your printables. Open your binder and stick them all inside the binder.The binder may be too big to bring around, but it’s sturdy and easy to remove pages if you don’t want to use them anymore.

The fifth and last method is the already existing notebook method. This method will be tricky. I warn you. You have to start copying all the printables onto the sheets of paper in the notebook. You can find a video on studyign’s youtube page to help you make weekly, monthly, and yearly spreads, but they are labeled “bullet journal.” Don’t worry, she kind of combined the two a bit.

I hope you enjoyed and found this useful!


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