Differences between a planner and a bullet journal

OK, bullet journals and planners revolve around the same basic idea, they are meant to be used daily and to track your everyday life. They are an awesome organization tool. But do you really know all about them? Do you know if you should use only one, or both? Do you know which one would suit you the most? No? Well, that’s what this blog post is going to be about.

Please check out my blog post How to start a planner if you want to start a planner and my other post How to start a bullet journal to learn about starting a bullet journal.

Let’s start with the similarities. Bullet journals and planners are like I said a way to organize your life. They both have dates and weekly, and monthly spreads. Both help you see the big picture and both focus on productivity.

Now for the differences. A bullet journal is mostly about tasks you have to complete. A bullet journal can also be used for almost anything. They have many different codes and symbols too. Bullet journals get very personal as they haven’t already been created for you. Planners, on the other hand, are already designed for you. They aren’t that flexible and don’t have a code. For the people that like sequence and order, a planner is perfect. People that like flexibility, creativity, and pretty much a mind dump are the people for bullet journaling. In the end, I’ll have more of a personality predictor. Let’s move on to the pros and cons.

Next thing we’ll look at are the pros of bullet journals. Bullet journals are really flexible. They aren’t designed in stores, so they aren’t already planned. They are a mind dump. They are a canvas for ideas. You can write anything in them, and generally, there aren’t calendars and things in them.

We know about the pros of bullet journals, what about the cons? Unlike planners, they aren’t already designed and aren’t very orderly. When you look at them, they are a bunch of tasks with boxes and squiggles and random stuff everywhere. If you can’t live in disorder, a bullet journal is a wreck.

I think we know all there is to know about bullet journals, what about the pros of planners? Planners are all planned out and sequential. They have everything planned out and mapped out. It’s easy to see the big picture and very organized people quickly find their way around them easily.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the cons of planners. Planners don’t really have room for flexibility. They are already set and planned out. They aren’t a mind dump. You can’t scribble something quickly that you don’t want to forget because generally, the box you want to scribble in is for something else.

Overall, here’s what you should know about choosing your type of organizational notebook. It all goes down to your personality and mindset. If you are very organized, a planner is the best thing for you. You can see the big picture, and you don’t need to sort through all the pages of a bullet journal to find what you want. On the other hand, if you are a messy person, the order will seem boring. You should try a bullet journal to write random things in it and to be able to write notes with your code. The bullet journal a blank canvas. Honestly, however, I like to use both because both of them fit my needs at different times. You might find that’s the case for you.

I hope this helped you pick out a type of organization plan.


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