How I dealt with Failure

OK, so maybe this isn’t a TERRIBLE failure, or a bad grade, but just a disappointment. But I’m still going to share what I learned from it.

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I bet you’ve all heard the about the slime. It’s a spreading sickness. It’s all over the web. There are literally millions of hits for slime. Everyone makes these cool things. I bet Elmer’s has made a killing off of its school glue.

I was infected with the terrible slime sickness. I tried so many recipes, that all failed. I spent hours trying to make slime. I tried soap, shampoo, shampoo and soap, all of them put in the freezer and then fridge, glue and laundry detergent, I was ready to give up. But I didn’t.

Days later, I tried a glue slime with eye drops. That was the closest to slime I’d ever gone, but it stuck terribly to my fingers. That was close. Today, I tried a

Today, I tried a slime with eye drops and baking soda. The slime immediately hardened into moldable slime. It made super fun crunchy noises. But, it didn’t stretch. After about five minutes, it was harder than a rock.

That’s when I realized, you know, not all things in life work out. I may be a total loser as far as slime goes, but I am way more successful in other things. It’s not something to get worked up about, do you know what I mean?


Passion Planner Review

Image result for passion planner

Hi, Everyone! Today I’m proud to be reviewing the product, Passion Planner. If you want to check it out, click here.

I want to start off my saying that I LOVE ❤ the Passion Planner. To me, the fact that it’s centered on productivity makes the whole thing sweeter. The Passion Planner revolves around goals and pretty much forces you to make some goals. XD

The planner starts by introducing you to the planner and how it works. Then, it has a Passion Roadmap. This is a diagram that makes you write your goals for three years, three months, your lifetime, and one year. This is followed by a planner set up, and some other information readings to guide you along the way.

Finally, the actual planner starts. There’s a yearly overview and a Monthly calendar. At the beginning of each month, there are boxes. Each box sais something different. They say, this month’s focus, people to see, places to go and not to do list.

Each week, every hour is mapped out, and there are two to do lists. One of them says personal to-do list, and the other one, work to do list. There’s space that says “space of infinite possibility, and a weekly quote with a task to do that accompanies the quote.

At the end of every month, there’s a monthly reflection. There’s also a yearly reflection as well.

Personally, this is my favorite planner because I ❤ the setup and the design. The planner motivates you and is WAY WAY WAY more personal than any other planner I have every seen. I am trying to get my hands on a 2017 Passion Planner this year.

Please consider purchasing a planner to join me this year with my planning, as there’s no other planner that fits your needs quite like this one. I am so delighted that someone decided to make a planner like this one. The cover is great quality too, and there’s a variety of colors and sizes. You are bound to get one you love! Trust me! 🙂

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Here’s what you have to do individually to make this goal happen:

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  3. like at least three articles on Craftalicious (my craft and main blog), two on Schoolerama(my school/college blog), and one on both my blogs No Obstacles (my organization blog) and Open the Window (my inspiration blog)

If we can get all of these things done, then I am going to be launching a giveaway, and my next blog post will talk about what you can do to get in it! I depend on you, Craftalicious to help boost my other blogs because you are my main blog. I want all of you to help me get my other blogs on their feet to be able to give a giveaway rewarding you for what you’ve done.

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I’ll pick out some prizes, and tell you all how you can win! Remember these giveaways are follower only prizes, so you have to be following all of my blogs in order to be entered. Right now when the community is small, it’s a great time to be entered!

This is going to be a challenge because this blog has been around only for three days, Schoolerama for two, and the other two; No Obstacles and Open the Window for one. But, I think it’s possible, and let’s get started!

10 mason jar ideas

Hi, Craftalicious Clan! Today we’re going to be decorating some plain old mason jars and finding cool ways to reuse them! XD

I ❤ mason jars. I keep tons of jars. In fact, I even make my family eat pickles to get the jars. XD So, naturally, there’s the question of what to do with them, right? Well, today I’m going to be giving you some ideas for cool ways to use the jars in your everyday life from room decor to storing stuff in the bathroom, to toys for kids, these are sure to please.

Let’s discuss the best method to make an acrylic painted mason jar. Just squirt out a glob in the bottom, and turn the mason jar at an angle. Swivel the paint around. Then, put the jar upside down for it to finish painting itself. No more trying to get the brush all around everywhere. No more getting your hands all paintifull and gloppy and gloopy.

I don’t know if you’ve seen that transparent paint that makes anything look like stained glass… Check that out here. Just use the acrylic paint method to paint the inside, and voila!

Spray paint the outside of a mason jar in any color, then spray paint it over with chalkboard paint. Nothing more to say about that, hehe! Just get some chalk and start writing!

To make a soap dispenser jar, drill a hole through the lid. Then, stick an actual soap dispenser lid through the hole. You can also paint the inside, or do any of the methods that decorate the jars,


To make a glitter jar, mod podge the inside of a jar. Start dispensing glitter all over the inside.Screw on the lid and shake that jar like a maraca! (I guess that’s just the latin American in me haha! 🙂 )

I came up with this one, one day when I was really bored. You’ll need some tape and several colors of acrylic paint. Just tape all over the jay in random designs. Then, fill in the areas that aren’t covered in tape with paint. Wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. You should have a crazy effect!

Want to reuse some cool scrapbook paper? This scrapbook paper mason jar is a cool way to do so! Start my mod podging the entire inside of the jar. You can use the acrylic jar technique, or just paint it all in. Then, insert your scrapbook paper inside and make it stick to the mod podge. Mod podge the inside on top of the paper to make it water proof.

To make this stationary/school supply holder tower, stand up 6 jars. You can decorate them or leave them be. On the table make a design that looks like this:


o o

o o o

Then, take a hot glue gun and glue them together. Fill them up with your stationary, and you’re good to go!

A cool idea I’ve come across many times is a slime holder jar. Just make any slime. Slime Masters, the youtube channel would work nicely. Check them out here. Make the slime, then stick it inside the jar. The jar will look really cool. (especially if you make a glitter slime!)

This DIY is beauty product holder jar. This Saturday with my first blog post in the series beautify with DIYs, I’m going to be making a sugar scrub. You can put it in here. Really, all this is is a jar with beauty products displayed in here. You can also use the chalkboard paint on the top half so you can write what’s inside.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and have found ney ways to use your mason jar! 🙂

Happy Wednesday! XD

Reviewing Jessica Smith TV

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the exercise program called Jessica Smith TV. Please go check her out here. Disclaimer: this blog post isn’t sponsored by Jessica Smith TV. I haven’t been paid to make this post, I only want to review her program because I want to help people find the right exercise program for you.

To start off, I’ll talk about my personal story and why I decided to try Jessica Smith. I had never been very talented in physical activity – I was the brain instead. I could never do push ups, and could only do a cartwheel and a handstand. I had this friend who was splendid at gymnastics, and all my friends were too. I just never fitted in there. I hated sports. I hated PE. I guess it’s because I had bad experiences with my teachers because I wasn’t talented enough, and because it was all about sports. I suppose that’s why I like Jessica Smith so much – there isn’t any torture, sorry; sports.

Apart from the fact that I hated torture, sorry; sports, another thing I ❤ about Jessica Smith TV are comfort levels she establishes with the person exercising. It feels good to know she also works out at home without tons of equipment, and she answers user questions in Q and A Wednesday. She always tells us to listen to our bodies, something my torturer sorry; PE teacher never did. 🙂

Jessica Smith TV allows the user to upgrade or downgrade to their liking. I am so thrilled that she lets us do this. Jessica tells us “you can stay here, or do ___ to bump it up a little.”

Jessica offers many different categories of exercise videos to try like cardio, yoga, and knee and back friendly workouts. I’m also glad she embraces the fact that many different types of people will be out there working out, so she makes workout videos that are user-friendly for everyone. Even my mom works out with Jessica Smith TV!

I am delighted, not to mention touched to see Peanut appearing from time to time in her videos. I love it. In case you didn’t know, peanut is her adorable French Bulldog. Ironically, Frenchies are my fave. breed of dog. One of my friends has one – I go crazy berzerk over him! 😛 😉 I am so glad to see the close relationship she has with Peanut, and the big heart Jessica has. She motivates me to work out with her optimism.

In conclusion, if you want a workout program to fit your needs and inspire you to love your body, please go check Jessica Smith TV out, because she’s the one exercise program I’m loyal to!

A piece of my life #1

Hi, everyone! In my schedule blog post, I talked about what I’d be doing on Mondays. It’s a weekly series called “a piece of my life.” I’m going to be talking about things I’m doing well, things that I’m not doing well and want to improve, and personal matters with tips. Each week I’ll  talk about my planner and bullet journal, how my new year’s resolutions and goals are coming along, and just simply how I’m doing in life.

To start with, in the break, I’m not really doing anything out of the ordinary, as I’m stuck at home. So, I’m going to be dedicating lots of time and effort to my new blog! I’m going to be posting daily blogs and being online a ton.

Unfortunately, I can’t really talk about my planner and bullet journal because I haven’t started them for 2017 yet. However, the layout is going well, and they’re already beginning to be filled out. I chose a black journal with a large white monogrammed letter and white polka dots for my bullet journal. For my planner, I chose a Passion Planner.

To find out more about bullet journals, check out my blog post How to start a bullet journal. To find out more about planners, look at my post How to start a planner. Finally, to find out which one is right for you, this blog entry is right for you: Differences between a planner and a bullet journal.

One last section I’m not sure I’m going to be doing is this one. It’s going to be a quote of the week with a tip of the week. I am going to be doing this on Sunday as well, but it’s going to be from the Passion Planner instead of my own. Please tell me in the comments if you like this idea and want me to continue.

Now, for the quote of the week (drumroll!) (Picture made by Craftalicious DIYs. Can be used with permission.)

love isn't only for lovers. it's for friends who love eachother better than lovers. a friend is hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.

This week, show your friends you love them. After all, it’s just been Christmas! Give them a little gift and tell them what they mean to you. Give them a picture of you together. Decorate a plain picture frame and put it inside.

Weekly schedule

Hi, Craftalicious clan! I am starting a schedule. As you know, I love planning. So, I’ve made a week schedule for my blogs. I’m going to blog as much as possible, especially at this time of the year when I’m on break. So for now, I’m going to be blogging daily. But here’s the future schedule for when I’m not on the winter break.

On Mondays, I’m going to be doing a piece of my life. This is a series that talks about things I’m doing well, things that I’m not doing well and want to improve, and personal matters with tips. Each week I’ll  talk about my planner and bullet journal, how my new year’s resolutions and goals are coming along, and just simply how I’m doing in life.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I’m going to be off. I can’t do anything on Tuesdays or Wednesdays because I have a really busy schedule.

On Thursdays, I’m going to be doing a midweek inspirational story. This means I’ll be telling a story to inspire you. It can be my interpretation of a story in a book, on the news, or something that happened in life. The story is meant to inspire you in various places in your life, like not giving up, people love you, how much each human life matters, etc.

On Fridays, I’ll be doing a DIY blog. It’ll be things I’ve made in the past etc. It can also be recipes. This is mainly what the blog was meant for, but I find many other things that I want to share with you all because I love to help you in many areas of your life.

On Saturday, I’ll be doing the weekly beautify with DIYs. I think you’ll like that. You spend a killing in beauty products. Most manufacturers want you to believe they have your best interests in mind, but they make your products with tons of chemicals, and that’s just bad. What they don’t want you to know is that most of the time, your beauty products are laying deconstructed in the pantry in your kitchen!

On Sunday, I’ll be making inspirational quotes and tips to do for your friends, family, etc. that go with the quote. I’ll be inspiring you and trying to help you out as you journey through your week.